The process of Making Muddlers

Selecting the Wood
The first step in making a muddler is selecting the wood. We use two North American hardwoods, maple and cherry. These woods are as beautiful as they are functional. Wood does have natural imperfections so we do need to cut around knots to make sure that the muddlers you get are free from defects.

Drying and Processing the Rough Lumber
When wood is cut from the tree, it is very wet and soft. After it is cut into boards, it is then kiln dried. This drying process must be done carefully so the wood doesn't bend or warp. We select our wood for muddlers from the best boards and cut the muddlers to rough dimensions.

Turning the Muddlers
The process of making round muddlers from flat boards is called turning. We turn the muddlers on a lathe. This process requires great skill as this process is done by hand. There are no settings on the lathe other than the speed at which it turns the piece of wood. The actual shape of the piece is determined by the person turning the muddler.

Finishing the Muddler
The last step in our process of making a muddler is finishing the wood. This not only brings out the natural beauty of the wood but it helps protect the wood. We use a blend of beeswax and food grade mineral oil to finish the muddlers. This finish provides the perfect amount of sheen to the muddlers, it doesn't shine but the natural beauty of the wood is enhanced. Our finish is 100% food grade and safe from the moment it touches the wood. Some finishes are only considered safe once it completely dries and cures(and that just doesn't sound safe to us).

Why we make the Muddlers the Way We Do
We make muddlers because we feel it is an essential tool in the bar or kitchen. We have found good muddlers very hard to find so we decided to make our own. We make them out of wood because it works better than plastic or metal muddlers. Wood is a natural product and its natural beauty makes the muddler more than just a tool in the kitchen. With proper care, these muddlers will last decades.

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