The Woods We Use to Make Muddler

We are very selective about the woods we use for making muddlers. We use only domestic hardwoods and choose woods that have closed grain. A closed grain wood when finished is very smooth to the touch. The opposite of a closed grain wood is called an open grain, woods such as oak have open grains. We feel the open grain is more difficult to clean and isn't as appropriate for making muddlers.

Our Cherry muddlers are made of solid domestic Black Cherry. Cherry is one of the most attractive domestic hardwoods. The natural color of the wood is a reddish tone. We do not dye our wood and we do not laminate (glue) pieces of wood together. When you order a muddler from us, it will be one solid piece of cherry.

Our maple muddlers are made of domestic maple wood. The light color offers a very attractive modern clean appearance. In the kitchen, maple is often used in making cutting boards because it is durable and easy to clean. Maple can have a figured appearance that is often called curly or tiger maple. This appearance doesn't effect the use of the muddler, it only enhances the beauty. We do not charge extra if your muddler has a figured appearance.

Some Woods We Don't Use
We are selective in the woods we use and do not just accept any wood for making muddlers. We do not make muddlers out of any rain forest woods or any tropical woods. Our choice of selecting domestic hardwoods is part ecological and part because we have found that domestic hardwoods like maple and cherry make wonderful muddlers. However, not all domestic hardwoods are ideal for use in the bar or kitchen, we do not use oak or walnut. Their open grains make them more difficult to clean and offer no advantages over the woods we use.

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